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Han tried his best to try and remember the chapters from the textbooks. Kuro successfully made a hideout. It was a low-grade tent made of intertwined leaves and twigs.


After a month since Han was transferred to third year, he received a message on his data bracelet. Han stared into his data bracelet rubbing his eyes to see if he was seeing things.


"His ability to aim is extremely poor. He has trouble aiming and it takes quite a bit of time for him to begin shooting. It's using human weapons, but it's not fully accustomed to it yet. It doesn't have the ability to set up grenade booby traps neither. If it had such ability, we would have all died the moment we blindly opened the door. Unless it gets a lucky shot, it will have a difficult time to headshot us."


When the orphanage had been operating, he frequently enjoyed this sport. He was able to feel the same joy years ago; blindly following after a single ball and running around was enjoyable.


'You should have noticed by now, that I'm a much more suitable commander than you. You might not wish to admit to it, but it's the truth.'


Han did not wish to understand Inspector Rue's words. He simply hoped to protect his younger siblings and peers. Great effort was required if he wanted to see this hope through. He must save humanity from extinction.

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'I just barely got a hold of my senses. The other members are probably not capable of maintaining a normal state of mind at the moment. I must gather everyone as soon as I can. A dense forest had formed in this place because it has been out of the reach of humans for a long time. Nothing is favourable for us. If we were in an open area, we would find each other immediately… but it's difficult to find others in a wild forest.'


He had no unique skills, and was a mere C+ Rank. If he was lucky, they would have given him a B- Rank. There had never been a youth of Ark that was transferred up into third year with such low psychic ranking. Han was the first.


'If I choose to lead, it's highly likely that Karlheinz' group would go off and do their own thing disregarding everything I say.'


Han had a clear understanding of Squad 13's skill, but he didn't have a clear understanding of Squad 9's overall skills. Two people from Squad 9 stepped forward.


Laocha was a longtime close friend of Sergeant Red. It was decided that he would be the one to temporarily train Han until Sergeant Red made a full recovery.


He was capable of fast mental recovery during urgent situations. This was Han's greatest strength that the drill instructors had unanimously agreed upon.


The air vent was the only detour that allowed passage to the first years. There was enough room for him to crawl through. However, it would be impossible to prevent the sound from bleeding out. If he were to crawl through this air vent, it was inviting the enemy to freely shoot him.



"Kuro can't do anything by himself. His battle skills are weak, though his psychic skills are off the roof. We're just continuing to allow him to participate since we have no replacement member…"



Instead of the scary drill instructors, they had a delicate-looking teacher lecture them through a hologram. Most spent their time dozing off during this time, but many listened with interest.


The shotgun blasted in succession causing the air vent to sink lower. Canute faltered forward at a place where the enemies immediately noticed.


The air vent became riddled with bullet holes. Canute muffled his mouth with his hand. A bullet shot through his side. He felt the stinging pain, at the same time, his healing factor reacted immediately. His eyes glowed green light. This was proof that his body was undergoing rapid regeneration.

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