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Sergeant Red spoke with a light heart. He stuck a cigar in his mouth and lit it up. A passing medical staff shook his head in disapproval.


Han met with Laocha at the scheduled time and location to receive training. The place seemed a bit more quiet than the day before. Laocha was currently punching a sandbag hanging from the ceiling. He spotted Han and smiled.


The powerhouses all maintained their strongholds separately. Inspector Rue said this was the nature of humans. No matter how much history is studied and no matter how much humans try to fix themselves onto the proper path, they will always stray. They cannot believe in one another and continue to feel jealousy.


Kuro was looking sporadically in every which direction. There were no particular dangers right now. The two sides continued to prolong the deadlock.


The soldiers oppressed all the researchers. After the soldiers completely suppressed the researchers, they lined up to salute toward Corporal Zhai and expressed their respect.


Han's eyes grew wide. It was rare for a third year to be dubbed a squad leader. The only times a third year would be made a squad leader was for formal diplomatic events and only the experienced third years would be deployed. It was an unprecedented event for a new transfer like Han to become a squad leader. It conveyed how urgent the situation was.

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Dimitri pushed Jose aside and calmly followed the emergency medical procedure. There was nothing much they could do for someone who expended all their psychic powers past the limit.


The students that died could not talk or communicate so he could only complain to himself in silence.


Grace said to the researchers. The operation apparatus attached to the incubators began to move. A needle injector the size of a pinky all shot into the youth's bodies.


Han wanted to delay this lesson as much as possible as long as it wasn't necessary.


If dragons are exterminated, Ark would become an unnecessary existence. Therefore, outside government forces constantly held inspections for the smallest of reasons and sent the bare minimum necessary to sponsor the military base.


"When the dragons appear, will you cry and look for your mommy? Do you think she will fly over to you like supermom and slap the dragon silly while changing your diapers? Far from it… all that'll happen is death. If you don't fight, they will eat you alive. Then, your family and friends will die. This situation is s**t, but you're humanity's future and hope. I'm not speaking figuratively. You're really our last hope. Inborn psykers are able to see results ten times greater than acquired psykers from the same amount of training. That means that even if you train for a short amount of time, you can become stronger than any of the sergeants here."


The student's expressions looked full of fire. It was rare that any male child would hate playing with a weapon of any kind.



The Master Drill Instructor Greseman watched the second year squad battle along with the other instructors. They had already prepared the coffee and donuts for all the staff. It was a daily task of the instructors to evaluate the squad battles completely. They were replaying Han and the skull mask, Silence's, battle recording.



Most of all, though they have been commanded to be here, the soldiers hearts were not satisfied with the current situation at all. It was a dirty plot no matter which angle you looked at this situation.


These were the students who had been on the borderline of being enlisted into retirement by the instructors. To these students, watching Han leave them in the dust was unnerving.


"You will always find an optimum striking point against all opponents. You need to use your knees to attack, but instead of your leg, you're using your hips. Well, it will be hard to understand with just an explanation. You should learn by practicing it with your body. Your muscles are more than strong enough now. Even if you stop your old habits, your attacks will be more than strong enough. Rather than blindly attacking with the most strength you can muster, it's more important to focus your attack into a single point."

  • "That is so," Han nodded.
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